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[O HUI] Extreme White Peeling 60ml

Brand: O HUI

Product Code: 330037

Availability: In Stock

Item shipped from: South Korea

Weight: 0.14kg

Price: AU $46.35
Price in reward points: 415

Gently removes dead skin cells with vitamin whitening capsules.


Snow Vitamin™ helps to brighten skin and even out skin tone

Exfoliates to remove impurities and dead skin cells

Leaves skin more smooth, bright and radiant

Tested for skin irritation


1. Spread gently and thoroughly massage around the face. 
2. Once you feel dead skin cells appearing, rinse with lukewarm water.


Extreme White - 진한 스노우 비타민™이 피부 깊은 곳의 칙칙함부터 자극 없이 지워주니까 피부 속부터 맑고 투명해진 눈꽃 피부를 기대하세요. 스노우 비타민™이 피부 속까지 순하게 녹아들어 눈부시게 맑은 피부가 될 거예요

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