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[Hanyul] Cover Compact 9.5g

Brand: Hanyul

Product Code: 320013

Availability: In Stock

Item shipped from: South Korea

Weight: 0.18kg

Price: AU $46.45

① Perfect cover with the dual structure of cover complex

• The flat-type powder that covers wide areas at once applies on skin in layers.

• The round-shaped powder provides perfect cover as it is combined with the flat powder.

② The honeycombed-structure powder closely adheres to skin like my own

• The hexagonal honeycombed flat powder and the closely adhering skin fit powder are separated in each layer, adhering closely to skin.

③ Super-fine particles provide non-stuffy, refreshing cover

• The particles are processed by the air mill grinding processing and are smaller by 30% compared to the particles of the company’s existing compact powder, providing a non-stuffy, thin cover.


How to use

• After skincare, use the cover pact at the base makeup step or at the makeup finishing step or to touch up makeup in the afternoon. Take content with the puff, lightly apply in a sliding motion, and gently tap to have perfect cover.

Additional Information
Skin Type All skin types
SPF Coverage SPF30 PA+++

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