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[Primera] Aroma Body Wash Keep-Calm 240ml

Brand: Primera

Product Code: 820046

Availability: In Stock

Item shipped from: South Korea

Weight: 0.31kg

Price: AU $38.51

An aromatic body wash that contains the rich yet smooth fragrance of natural essential oil and oil-based hydrators to leave the skin smooth and moisturized.

Formulated with the fragrance of 100% natural essential oil and oil hydrators to leave your skin moisturized with the mild formula that protects the skin even from frequent cleansing and poor hydration care.

Containing the scents of 100% natural essential oils such as cedarwood oil, petitgrain oil and orange peel oil, a rich aroma blending as if smelling the scent of flower tree leaves bearing moist dew can be experienced.

Containing moisturizing oil ingredients, it aids in gentle cleansing and cares for the body so that it is moist and lustrous, protecting the skin’s moisture film.

Containing bilberry sprout extracts, it grants vigor to skin that can easily become dry and rough.


  • Place an appropriate amount of the contents onto a bath-use sponge or towel that has been slightly wetted with water and after sufficiently allowing it to foam, apply to the whole body as if massaging and afterwards rinse off clean with water.

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