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[ARITAUM] IDOL Brow Gel Tint 7g


Product Code: 430025

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Item shipped from: South Korea

Weight: 0.08kg

Price: AU $15.40

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* Aritaum Brow Colour:

1. Shape the eyebrows that are free of makeup.

2. Apply 3-4 layers to form the desired shape of eyebrows.

• Apply a thick layer as it is hard to peel off when it is too thin.

• If you want to correct it, correct or wipe it off before it dries completely.

3. Dry for at least 1 hour.

• The color darkens as you dry it for a longer period of time, so adjust the time based on your needs.

4. Dry completely and gently scrape and peel off from the inner ends.

• Peel off gently as it may pluck your eyebrows if you pull it too hard.

5. Do not use a cleansing product within 24 hours.


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Skin Type All skin types

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