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2080 Chi Turbo Massager

Brand: Robland Healthcare

Product Code: HM0012

Availability: In Stock

Item shipped from: Australia

Weight: 2.10kg

Price: AU $330.00


Generally, this particular product prevents all kinds of muscular disease related to stress.
It produces Chi energy to help with blood circulation. It also supplies energy to all of our muscles which leads to an increase in body temperature. Rising temperature can help relax our muscles, make hormones and endorphins by stimulating our skin as well as subcutaneous fat, muscle, ligament and nerves at the same time. These benefits allow the body to reach its optimal condition without stress or toxicity. By massaging your entire body with the Chi Turbo Massager it will flex your muscles up to 15cm.
This massager is shown to have an effective healing function relating to stress, muscular pain, headaches and neuralgia. The turbo head system (1700 times of pitches and spins per minute) is effective for those people who had an operation because it has many functions such as burning subcutaneous fat, relaxing the body and strengthening body muscular movement.

Product Description 

The 4 different attachments are made with medial silicon for multiple purposes.
This Chi power massager pitches and spins 1700 times per minute and creates a lot of energy called Chi energy. This Chi energy is good for people suffering from migraines or headaches. By simply putting the massager on the troubled area, the pain will be relieved. There is a 'Chi point chart' and 'reflexology chart' that you can refer to, which illustrates where to use the massager to relieve your pain.

4 Massage Heads Functions

Meridian Point head
It is designed for relaxing muscles. Each head is consisted with needle poles and each pole emits Chi energy directly into our skin, muscle, ligament and nerves. This stimulation produces a deeper and wider energy effect than a hand massage.

Acupuncture Point head
It has an oval shaped end. It can be used to press 36 Chi points in the front side of your body and press 36 Chi points in the back side of your body. When you are using this head, make sure you use it by making 90 degree upright position in every point. Otherwise, it may cause pain when you use it. Pressure point is a very important energy point.

Round Shape head
It looks like a hand. It is designed for round shape part of the body such as arms, legs and neck. For strong stimulation, you have to rotate the edge of the head.

Soft Massage head
It was produced to softly massage your skin, joints and bones. Strong stimulation is not always required for your body. The soft massage head is one of the most important appliance because it produces important hormone and endorphin system in the body. All joints and bones need soft massage. It can be used for women’s facial massage and head to relieve stress. It is especially excellent for children who are experiencing growing pain. Each side of head consists of 19 soft brushes, so it has 38 soft brushes in total which emits 38 Chi energy directly into your skin. Therefore, older people, children and couple can recognise amazing soft massaging results.



1. Promotes

2. Maximises flexibility

3. Relieve migraines and headaches

4. Detox

5. Makes you feel refreshed

6. Helps to reduce fat

7. A great stress reliever

8. Relaxes muscles and tendons

9. Strengthens internal body

10. Helps the recovery process of patients

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