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Air Relax Massager Arm Cuff Only

Product Code: HM0007

Availability: In Stock

Item shipped from: Australia

Weight: 1.00kg

Price: AU $170.00

PREMIUM AIR RELAX ARM CUFF (Operating device not included)
Makes your body healthy and arms beautiful!

Do you want to rest your heart and body?
Don't have enough time to visit an expensive massage clinic frequently?
You can kill two birds with one stone!

PREMIUM AIR RELAX is a must-have massage system!
> It wraps around the arm and massages with air pressure
> You and your family can massage comfortably at home which saves you time and money
> It helps to keep your body healthy and improves health problems

> improve their blood circulation in their arms and body
> relieve muscle tension in their arms and body
> prevent swelling and daily fatigue
> especially have slimmer arms and body



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