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Greenforest Healing Cafe Loyalty Card

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What is a Healing Cafe?

The concept of a Healing Cafe originates from South Korea, where people of all ages come for relaxation, recovery and rejuvenation.


What we offer...

♢ PDP (Platinum Diamond Photon) Multi Dome

♢ Medicalf

♢ Ultra Slim Vibration Plate

♢ Far Infrared heating

♢ Foot spa

♢ Massage trials

♢ Programs to target better health and wellbeing

♢ Detox and weight management solutions

♢ and more...


Who can benefit?

If you are...

♢ feeling tired, overworked or exhausted

♢ run down with the cold/flu

♢ wanting to eliminate toxins in your body

♢ wanting better blood circulation

♢ wanting to improve overall health

♢ or interested in trialling our equipment/massagers!


Loyalty Card (Pick-up upon arrival)

First sessions are free for all customers. After the free trial, our rate is $35 per session.

By purchasing a loyalty card our customers not only save money ($100 discount), they are also able to experience the long term benefits of our products and services.

Loyalty cards are also great to share with family and friends!


Bookings are essential!

Bookings are essential for persons interested in trialling any of our massagers/equipment and participating in our health programs.

Please call (03) 9558 1551 or email for more information.


Keep updated with us

Facebook: Greenforest Healing Cafe

Instagram @greenforest.healingcafe

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