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Benefeet Double Sided Acupressure Insoles

Brand: Robland Healthcare

Product Code: LS0002

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Item shipped from: Australia

Weight: 0.35kg

Price: AU $49.00

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All in all,

it circulates the blood system and massages

the feet and yet reduces stress

when you wear it.


Product Feature

- Acupuncture therapy by having a massaging function
- Letting feet to breath due to well ventilated silicon
- Effective on relaxation with shock absorption and decentralization
- The insole reduces tiredness and pain from walking and standing
- Preventing from spinal herniations and benefits the joints


- Weak joints
- Standing for long period of time
- Frequent walking
- Joints under excessive pressure
- Arthritis, Lumbago, Neuralgia
- Engages in lots of physical activities

Major Functions

1. impact relief, air-cushioning function
2. Antibacterial, deodorizing and breathing effects
3. Acupuncture therapy, massage, knee joints protection
4. Specially made from silicon that is elastic and durable
5. Special silicon pumps to circulate the air which leads to relax your feet. Also shock absorption nad is added which provides decentralization for people who stands for a long time.
6. Soft silicon provides exceptional shock absorption
7. Special silicon cushions in the insole are designed for shock absorption. Also the cushions prevent spinaldisc herniation and benefit the joints.
8. The convex balls are for acupuncture therapy.


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