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Magic Heater Family Set

Brand: Robland Healthcare

Product Code: HP0011

Availability: In Stock

Item shipped from: Australia

Weight: 2.84kg

Price: AU $150.00

Used as a heat or cold pack, the Magic Heater is made up of salt and vinegar. It is durable in boiling water and low temperatures.
When the silver metal is clicked, it starts a chemical reaction between the salt and vinegar which activates the heat. It stays heated for approximately an hour and then cools down naturally. After the heat pack is activated and cools down, it will solidify. However, it can be recharged (boiled again to return the pack to its original form) 1000 times. The Magic Heater can also be used as a cold pack when you place the pack in the refrigerator for an hour.

1. This product helps to relieve physical pain and chronic pain such as rheumatism, arthritis, muscular pain, stress, insomnia and menstrual pain.
2. Different sizes available for different parts of the body.
3. Recommended for people of all ages, great for families!
4. Great for relaxation and injury rehabilitation.

How to activate
1. Bend the metal disc back and forth to start crystalization (heating process).

2. Massage the pack to soften it. Temperature may reach up to 55°C. Cover the magic heater with a cloth or towel.

How to recharge
1. Fill a large pot with water.

2. Place a cloth inside the pot to prevent the pack from being damaged by direct contact with the pot.

3. Boil pack with water for 10-20 min until all crystals in the pack become clear.

4. Carefully remove the pack from the pot. (Caution: can be very hot)

5. Wrap the heated pack in a towel to use straight after removing it from boiling water.

Mis-use will destroy the product. Read and follow instructions carefully.

Magic Heater pack contains a safe, non-toxic substance. However, if the contents come in contact with your skin, rinse off with running water and discontinue use.

Heat pack can get extremely hot - Do not apply pack directly on skin. Wrap or cover with towel or cloth before use.

Keep out of reach of children. For external use only.


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