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Returns & Exchanges


Australia to Australia

Items originating from Australia are dispatched on the same business day (if ordered by 11AM). Any orders placed after 11AM are dispatched the next business day. Altering or cancelling your order after it's dispatched will result in the customer being responsible for any delivery/return fees required.

If you would like to alter or change your order, please call (03) 9558 1551 as soon as possible and a customer service representative will assist you.

Korea to Australia

To ensure a fast and safe delivery, orders originating from Korea are processed immediately after payment is approved. Customers are able to alter/cancel their order 24 hours after payment is complete. Altering/cancelling your order after 24 hours may result in return/delivery/transaction fees. In the case that your order has already been prepared for shipment prior to the updated shipping status, it is not possible to cancel.


Australia to Australia

The customer has 7 business days from the date received if they wish to exchange an item on the grounds of personal preference, simply change of mind or error in judgement when placing an order. The customer is responsible for any return/delivery/transaction fees to exchange items that originate from Australia. Exchanges can only be made for items of equal or less value. Exchanges requests for items of higher value will result in the customer being responsible for paying the difference.

Korea to Australia

As Korean beauty items are delivered straight from Korea for quality purposes, we cannot exchange items once your order has been processed and ready for shipping. Please check your order carefully.


All returns MUST include the original item, parts, packaging, instructions, etc. Failure to do so may eliminate the possibility for a full refund.

Australia to Australia

Manufacture faults

If you suspect your item is faulty, please email and one of our lovely customer service representatives will assist you.

All items are checked to confirm its working condition before dispatch. If the working condition or quality is in question, the item is required to be called back to our Melbourne Head Office for further inspection.

Refund/replacement options are discussed after the item is recalled and the suspected manufacture faults are confirmed. As all electronics and technology are tested and non-electronics quality is checked by our staff to confirm its condition before dispatch, the customer is responsible for the return delivery fee to our Melbourne Head Office.

Customer faults

All items are checked to confirm its working condition before dispatchIf your item is not functioning properly, the item is required to be called back to our Melbourne Head Office for further inspection.

If items are deemed faulty due to mis-use or not abiding by the instructions provided, return/delivery/transaction/service fees may apply when requesting a refund or replacement.

Korea to Australia

Items delivered from Korea are guaranteed to be authentic and from a reliable and reputible source. If you suspect there is something wrong with your item, please email immediately with images of the item in question.


Refunds issued based on personal preference, simply change of mind or error in judgement when placing an order, the total cost (excluding discounts/coupons/vouchers used and the return delivery fee if necessary) will be refunded with Cocomall Reward Points of the equivalent amount.

Refunds made due to manufacture faults:

Customer paid by: Refund will be made to: Processing time
Paypal Paypal Up to 5 business days
Bank Transfer Bank Transfer Up to 3 business days
Credit Card Credit Card Up to 5 business days
Cash Cash/Bank Transfer Refund upon arrival at our Head Office/Up to 3 business days
Reward Points Reward Points Up to 1 business day


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